About Us

Looking for that on-trend, laid back, affordable fashion? You’ve found it right here! Our goal at Lo tide is to provide a chill surf inspired atmosphere to help make finding that perfect item easy and natural! Whether you’re looking for an outfit to hang out with the girls or ride the waves, we’ve got it covered. 

Hi! I’m Lauren, the owner and creator of Lo tide Clothing Co. Growing up, I had always had an interest in fashion but I had yet to fully realize it or understand it. After college and many corporate jobs while trying to figure out what my passion is, I looked back at my roots and remembered I would spend countless hours playing in dress up clothes and how confident and awesome it would make me feel. Down the line it ended up being the same feeling I got when I surfed my first wave. This all ended up being what inspired me to combine the two and be able to make women from all over feel that confidence and excitement without even having to set foot in the water!